A Brief Return to Film, Could Use Some Help

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Re: A Brief Return to Film, Could Use Some Help

I agree this could be a scanning issue. The scanner (like the automatic printer) has to make an exposure and it isn't always correct. You may be able to make some corrections in post-production.

Regarding grain being grainer than you remember... ah, sweet memories! Remember also that we used to look at our pictures on small-ish prints, so grain was less apparent unless we really blew the exposure.

Regarding exposure and focus -- were they really always perfect? Digital cameras are simply much more sophisticated, and older meters (even the primitive matrix meters) were easier to fool. I have a Nikon N8008 and it does seem to get the exposure right 80% of the time, but man, when it gets it wrong, it *really* gets it wrong!

The pics look pretty good to me -- I think if you're looking for color perfection, Ektar is probably a good choice (or Portra for people). Me, I embrace the imperfections. I also shoot primarily B&W film which I can develop myself -- for color I prefer my digicam.

Hope this helps and that you will continue your return to film. What started as "Just one roll of B&W in my old Pentax KX" has turned into hundreds of rolls and a lot of new-to-me film cameras. Very satisfying!


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