May move to a D500, SD memory questions

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Re: May move to a D500, SD memory questions

BillD7000 wrote:

I may move from my D7200 to a D500. What's the deal with the XQD memory cards? What cards are identical? I see CF Express...

I usually use Sandisk or Lexar 32GB's max. What would be the best recommendation? as to card brand and type? I never shoot video.

Lastly, what happens if I simply use 2 Extreme Pro 95mb/s SD cards?


I got the D500 since April 29 2016. I only use the XQD slot. My three previous cameras had only one slot, so I feel comfortable using only the XQD slot on the D500. And also, since my three previous cameras did not use SD cards, I had no incentive to try using them.

You can use SD cards in the D500, even though they will not really use the speed potential of the camera. But it is a pity to get a fast expensive camera and hobble it with pedestrian accessories ... even if you do not *need* the speed. I do mostly low light concerts and now studio.

For convoluted reasons, having mostly to do with copyright issues, XQD has fallen out of favor, replaced with physically identical CFExpress. In newer cameras CFExpress has the potential to go faster. There is new firmware for the D500 that will let it use CFExpress cards, althoug hat a slower pace than XQD - but at least you *can* get cards now and in the future. For my own use in the D500 though, I have enough Lexar XQD cards to last me for the foreseeable future.

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