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Re: 28mm Nikon "D" on the Z5

Tango 55 wrote:

vivaldibow wrote:

Good to hear D lens can still have the exif information. I am also using a Z5 nowadays, but was a little struggling on how to use MF lenses on Z5. I understand to zoom in and out image for critical focus, I can use the +/- magnifier. But I found, pressing shutter doesn't get the image back to 1x. I am so used to Sony A7ii and that camera does it that way, so I can confirm my composition isn't changed after manual focusing the lens (also pressing "-" button to get the image back to 1X and press the shutter will most likely change the focus. Do you happen to know the way of achieving this?

Thank you very much!

Even if I'm relatively new to the Z5 (had it for just four weeks), I don't think you can go back to 1X by simply half-pressing the shutter button after magnification.

But there is a much better way than using the +/- keys: simply assign magnification to the front Fn1 button, which you can enable/disable with your middle finger (I suggest you start with the 100% option, and at a later time try 50% and 200%). And while you are at it, assign peaking to Fn2 (once enable, you can customize peaking with your front and rear dials). All this can be accomplished in the Custom Setting Menu (the pencil icon), going to letter f (controls), and from there to f2 (custom controls). Also, if you have image review enabled, you'll see the 1x version of the picture immediately after exposure, which you can also magnify with Fn1.

Always remember to save your manual lenses to the Setup Menu (spanner icon) Non-CPU Lens Data, so the image stabilization is optimized for the focal length you are using (this makes a big difference to the effectiveness of the vibration reduction, but you have to remember to select the correct lens before each shooting session).

All in all, I think the Z5 is an excellent camera for shooting with manual lenses, a little bit challenging for me to get the colors I want from raw, but impressive for its outstanding B&W rendering.

All the best,


Thanks very much for letting me know your way of setting Z5. I will try it out. For the non CPU data, I haven't played with it. For a certain focal length, I may have lenses with different apertures. I am not sure if I should put the largest aperture or the smallest aperture value to consolidate as one entry, as I have way more than 20 lenses. It may not be a big deal as long as the focal length is set correctly.

My work horse camera is still Sony A7ii. Z5 I'd mainly for shooting kids with 50mm 1.8 S,  the lens I like very much. I found I myself picking up Z5 more than A7iii, perhaps the Sony FE 50mm 1.8 doesnt shine in front of Nikon's 50mm 1.8S.

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