Nikon F4 and one AF point issues - any tips and tricks?

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Re: Nikon F4 and one AF point issues - any tips and tricks?

, aliksays wrote:

Hi there!

Thank you for your questions

I believe, you are right.

The camera is focusing better on a point where the light is better. Smtms I think that it is slightly focusing to the infinity direction. This is what I can see right now in my viewfinder.. but ,and it worth mentioning, yesterday I realized that I have the dioptric correction broken..

I do not have any eyes issues but maybe my eyes lie to me because the correction is broken. There is no blur. But I think that it might have some impact on what I see in a viewfinder and what the focus confirmation gives me back.

I was not really familiar with 1 point AF before this Nikon. I got f65 previously. But is it always like this for 1 point AF cameras? They do need really good contrast in order to focus?

Besides that, I had really good examples from this camera and the focus is on its place. I was just confused that it focused so badly on some low contrast objects

I've not found the focus accuracy any different between the F4 and the F5, but the focussing speed of the F4 is much slower than the F5, particularly for screw drive lenses, so you sometimes have to give it time to settle.

In low light you're obviously going to be using a slower shutter speed or fully open aperature, so you've got camera shake, subject movement and a tiny depth of field.

Nikon F4 + 28-85mm f/3.5 - 4.5 AF, Kodak P3200

Nikon F4 + 28-85mm f/3.5 - 4.5 AF, Kodak P3200

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