How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

contadorfan wrote:

Aaron801 wrote:

...color, which is something that I don't shoot as much of, though I do appreciate it. I kind of think that at some point I'll get tired of the B&W stuff and start doing more in color... but that's a more difficult proposition for me because my brain doesn't really think so easily in that way. Challenges are good though...

Oh, I think you have a delightful color sense. The night shot of the gas station with those wonderful green gas pumps, the flame red posts, & the yellow light -- reminds me of William Eggleston, whose work I've come to admire [He's an acquired taste, ]. And the 3 Switches shot reminds me of Stephen Shore, and the muted colors of Old Pump plus the wonderful jumble of reflections & things reminds me of Saul Leiter. So much to enjoy in your set. I went back for a second look so I could look at them full screen on my 2K monitor I love the lighting in many of your shots. Reminds me of our years in Memphis and the terrific summer twilights there.

Wow.... that's some really high praise! Thank you for that, I hardly even know what to say! I am in fact a fan of Eggleston and Shore and much more recently of Saul Leiter (I wonder if that guy is only now getting better known?). I wouldn't say that that I'm always thinking of other photographers as I shoot, though occasionally I do that. I do believe though that I, much like lots of other folks absorb images that we admire on a kind of subconscious level which then comes out in the work.

I did in fact visit Memphis (for the first time) just 2 years ago on a road trip with a friend. I have some photos from there but I wouldn't say that I took enough or good enough ones to really capture the mood of the place. I'd really like to go back and to go back to other places that I went on that trip throughout the South. I live in the PNW and grew up on the east coast, but I have relatively little experience with the south, though from what I've seen, I find it a really interesting place, great to photograph! There's a kind of vibe to that whole area that's kind of unique and really compelling...

As for the whole color thing, I do have a number of color images that I've taken over the years which I like, but relatively few. So much of the kind of shooting that I do involves details of my neighborhood that are what I would consider to be pretty ordinary or even banal, but hopefully with the proper light and composition they result in compelling shots (at least this is the challenge I've set for myslef). This whole thing of making something ordinary into something that's hopefully worthy of contemplation is really a natural for B&W imagery as one can transform a scene into something that's all about composition, contrasts and texture thereby taking it out of the ordinary that we see with our eyes. Such transformation is certainly possible with color (Eggleston is a great example of that!), but for me is much more difficult. The same kind of shots that have a real depth to me in B&W can come off as more snapshots on color. I think for what I do, it's far easier to get B&W to work, but who says that things need to be easy? I've been doing this series of details in my neighborhood (that I call, maybe not very creatively, "Neighborhood Scenes") for several years and I at this point, I'm kind of running dry of inspiration for that, so maybe figuring out how to shoot some of the same kind of stuff in color is the key to a new series...?

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