the double shutter speed rule ruins your video

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Re: the double shutter speed rule ruins your video

Svetlov Misha wrote:

its more about the video:
i mean sensor do not work line_by_line as bloggers says, the rolling shutter jello is about scanning between the frames.
frame with shutter speeds shorter than FPS - camera records only the part of the picture and the less the time for shutter speed set - the worse those info line in frame

I think what you're trying to say here is that "jello" is caused by using a higher shutter speed than the frame rate and is not due to the way that the sensor is read out.

But that is wrong.

If it were true, then film cameras (which have zero rolling shutter) would exhibit "jello" when shooting at the 180 degree shutter rule, but they don't.

If it were true, then digital cameras with fast sensor readouts shooting a 180 degree shutter angles would have just as much "jello" as those with slow readouts, but they don't.

However if what you're trying to say is that using a slow shutter speed helps to hide the effect of jello, then I wouldn't argue the point.  But that's because the jello gets lost in the motion blur, and I suppose that an argument could be had as to whether that's an improvement or not.

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