Shots from the Past Two Days in East Iceland

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Re: Shots from the Past Two Days in East Iceland

Pixel peeping the lighthouse shot and comparing to the calculator...

Because I rarely use DOF calculators, I would have probably have focused between 15-20 feet away. My calculator says the hyperfocal distance is actually 8 feet (with nearest acceptable focus at just under 4 feet at f/8). I would have given up about 0.6 feet by making that mistake - surprisingly little. At f/11 you can get the acceptably sharp foreground limit down to under 3 feet - by focusing at just beyond 3 feet! I certainly never would think of focusing that close!

Because of the wide angle, it's not obvious from the pic how far away things are. How close to you think the bottom of the frame is? It's not quite sharp when at 1:1.

Where did you focus?

I'm thinking maybe I need to start using a DOF calculator in the field, intuition isn't good enough...

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