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Re: FZ300/330 jpeg settings

Rodolfo wrote:

Congratulations, RH, and love your FZ300 as many of us do: great lens along with excellent camera controls and software. Just signed in to add praise for Stevie, but also encourage you to use the camera a lot to let your experiences with settings, etc. be your best teacher/guide. For instance, I learned to dismiss the f4-as-a-standard-setting suggestion which I first saw on an early excellent Graham Houghton vid. All our eyes and tastes are different, and while mine may very well be peculiar, I learned this counter-preference early on.

FWIW, I've learned to rely on and love the FZ300's JPEG capability. I'm an enthusiast only, and have found/learned to appreciate that multiple snaps, giving the camera and my skills a few tries at capturing the light, when possible, is a preferred way to spend my time and enjoy the hobby; and I get more satisfaction from achieving/getting the jpeg merely excellent, than from getting more software to do it great raw.

Thanks Rodolfo, I haven’t dismissed jpegs and am also still interested in the iResolution facility. The camera, though, is doing what I wanted it to do - encouraging me to extend the range of things I like to photograph and the range of facilities I use.

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