What is easiest way to partition / multi-boot

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Re: What is easiest way to partition / multi-boot

bmoag wrote:

Most scanners of that vintage will work with Vuescan as long as they can be connected via USB to a Win 10 machine, there are no Win 10 SCSI solutions.

Since this is a laptop the scanner must be USB based.

Running multiple OSes and what is described as an old and slow laptop is up to the OP but inserting hot needles under fingernails may yield the same satisfaction. Many older core duo, and anything older than that, will not be able to use an SSD in AHCI mode and so the SSD will be no faster than a mechanical drive. That can be checked in the BIOS.

If I were the OP . . .


Good point on whether this old laptop will be any faster with the SSD.

But that is not my primary reason for wanting to try out the SSD with this laptop.

As I mentioned in another post, since Win10 works on it, I was thinking of repurposing this as a vacation laptop.

Somewhere to back-up my pictures to. And if anyone wants to surf the web they can.

I could use the 160GB HD that is already in it for that. But it is old-school / mechanical.

But I was thinking a SSD would be more durable for vacation / camping.

If the computer gets dropped or kicked around a bit, the SSD drive might be a bit more durable.

That is what got this all started.

And then I thought . . . if I'm already considering a SSD, why not a bit bigger and try to get WinXP and Linux on there as well?

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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