A Brief Return to Film, Could Use Some Help

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Re: A Brief Return to Film, Could Use Some Help

Brev00 wrote:

Barry Twycross wrote:

Brev00 wrote:

Sorry about the term. Yeah, I am not about to invest in scanning equipment and learn the ins and out of it.

You already have most of the equipment you need to do a pretty decent job.

How so? A cell phone?

Your gear list lists several full frame DSLR and a 1:1 macro lens, that's a good start. Then the issue is someway to hold and illuminate the negative. The Nikon ES-2 digitizing adapter is a popular choice. I use an old bellows setup and slide copier attachment (similar idea to the ES-2), and also a pixl-latr, for larger formats.

You've been saying it's not like it used to be when you got reasonably printed prints. You're right, film is no longer a consumer format, it's now an enthusiast format. If you want an image you use a digital camera. You use film because you want to use film, "for sport" as someone put it recently. The system isn't set up to scan film for the cost of a print like in the old days.

Even if you pay for a high end scanning service (and I've paid $60 for a frame to see what happened), you still don't get a usable photo back. You get a file you can further process to your liking. If the highlights weren't't blown out on your scans you could colour correct them how you like. For that it's better to get 16-bit tiff files, not just jpegs.

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