GFX 100s New Owner Questions

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Re: GFX 100s New Owner Questions

JimKasson wrote:

RodandEva wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

RodandEva wrote:


I just received my 100s from B&H, only had to wait three months…the camera is amazing but noticed a couple things and was hoping for feedback from the group:

1. Joystick is somewhat fidly, I.e., must be pushed / moved in a certain way or may not be responsive (hard to explain), anyone have a similar experience?

No problem with my joystick.

2. Long Exposures: it is somewhat loud, I.e., first curtain engages and can hear a humming noise during length of exposure, assume this is normal but don’t recall this in my 50R not any other cameras I have used in the past.

Camera is silent during exposure. Don’t know why anyone would use full mechanical shutter for a long exposure.

Just want to ensure I don’t have a lemon…thanks Rod

Thanks for the response. I am using Electronic First Curtain Shutter, not full mechanical shutter.

Then how can you tell when the first curtain engages?

There is a clear humming noise, which I also hear on my Z7, but much quieter. The question is whether this normal?

I don't hear a hum during the exposure. In fact, when the camera is in intervalometer mode and using EFCS, I hear nothing when the exposure starts, only when it ends.

There are sounds that send my 15 year old daughter to clutch her ears that I can't hear at all. Perhaps this is one of those?

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