Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Re: Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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and it is starting to cost Sony. C'mon Sony, fix this.

I agree with you about the focus bracketing but honestly its hard to take this video seriously. As much as I love Chris and Jordan's stuff, they went out of their way to mention how much better the Z7II is at time lapse than the Sony and that is soooo wrong. I commented on the video when it came out but probably not a lot of viewers saw it.

One of the reasons I'm transitioning to Sony from Nikon is due to Nikons crappy time lapse implementation.

If anyone is curious, here is my comment on the video explaining why I dislike the Nikon for time lapse:

I really enjoy Chris and Jordan's videos for entertainment, but they just don't seem to like Sony. I don't mean in a malicious sense, but they clearly prefer the handling of other brands and seem to ding Sony cameras in their content for odd things.

For example, this video tells the viewer that the Z7II is substantially cheaper than the A7RIV and has a much better rear LCD. But the two cameras are the same price now (MSRP only matters for new releases), and they literally tested a discontinued version of the A7RIV when making LCD comments.

I still watch every video (even for stuff I don't ever intend to buy), but we know that Fuji is going to be praised for their bodies while Sony is going to get grudging wins at best.

We could compare tracking autofocus performance with the newest Sony cameras to Nikon Z first version, or second version without firmware update. This is how you can rig the result to be what you want. Not fair, but the results are what they are.

Again, "rigging" is a bit of a strong word to use." DPReview assiduously sticks to MSRP when discussing camera prices, despite widespread sales with some brands. And the new LCD was sort of mentioned, even though the outdated model played into the final decision.

I just think that personal preferences mean that these two reviewers will rarely gravitate towards Sony unless the Sony option has an incredible advantage at the time. Jordan enjoys shooting with his Panasonics, and Chris really likes Fuji. It is how it is.

My biggest frustration is when a Sony model is dinged for some small thing and the reviewers ignore a larger issue with that body.

You mentioned Fuji more than once now as being "liked" more by dpreview reviewers and Panasonic for video.

That really surprises you? I have used Sony alongside Fuji for a long time now and use them for different things, but if I had to choose a camera for that deserted island with the well known camera restrictions, I would take my X-Pro3 over any Sony in a heartbeat.

Would leave the RX1RII behind, but with regrets. Had an A7III and really couldn't warm to handling and features. Technically fine, default colours off by quite a margin I found it a dull experience to use.

In short: there is a lot to like about those Fujis. I use an A7C now alongside Fuji because of the AF. Images taken with both is more often a wash than not.

But this thread wasn't really about it, right? Focus bracketing a delight to use on the X-Pro3 and the manual approach on the Sony a bit of hit and miss.


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