How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

photonut2008 wrote:

Responses to anything are self-censored by the group you ask to respond.

Taking a class of kindergarteners to broadway to see the play Cats will likely get responses of how cool looking the cats were from the kindergarteners, but you shouldn't be surprised by how few would comment about the choreography or appreciate the more sophisticated nuances of the storyline.

More dismissiveness. You're equating adults who may have uninformed opinions about the show with kindergarteners who are dazzled by the spectacle.

No I said - Responses to anything are self-censored by the group you ask to respond.

I would consider this to be just common sense and me continuing to give example after example would be lost anyone who labels it dismissive.

Case in point for me, my girlfriend doesn't spend time pondering the nuances and intricacies of photography, but she knows what she wants to see when I show here photos I've made of her Border Collies. I find her input about foot and head placement useful and try to incorporate it.

Exactly, now hypothetically show her some of your best award-winning images of amoebas through a microscope that those in the scientific world have found to be fantastic, will she be enthralled just as she was with pictures you took of her dog, an emotional subject that she has a connection with? Of course not. Again that is why- Responses to anything are self-censored by the group you ask to respond.

If you're posting to DPR you're posting to its unique audience and demographic. If you think DPR has no unique audience then it is really a waste of time to continue the conversation.

As someone else posted here "I think that dpreview has lots of beginner-to-intermediate photographers who are starting out and don’t have a well-formed aesthetic sense."

Here's the thing about artistic endeavors, it doesn't amount to anything when the viewer is left cold. Sure, you can say they just "don't get it," and you may be right about that, and that's when the work becomes esoteric. You can be so esoteric that you end up with an audience of one, and that's fine if that's what you want to do, but that doesn't mean that "uninformed" people don't appreciate a good Broadway show or a well-done photograph even when the story it tells doesn't have anything to do with them personally.

I never said in my hypothetical example that the show would not be appreciated. Just the opposite, I said they would appreciate specific aspects of the show and I gave an example, however they would not have the ability to appreciate more sophisticated aspects. That's a big difference in how you're interpreting what I said.

Someone can appreciate for instance Botticelli's Birth of Venus painting on a laymen level, they may like the pretty woman, or the colors, or think it's interesting she is standing on a giant shell, or some other aspect, but that doesn't mean without having some background and understanding on the subject matter or appreciation of the genre and era that they would be able to judge the depth of the meanings of different subjects in the painting and see the genius in it and appreciate it on the same level as another person with a more sophisticated understanding.

The photos I showed earlier in this thread were chosen precisely because they have what I would say are broad appeal. I know that because every one of them evoked effusive response from multiple viewers.

Sure because - Responses to anything are self-censored by the group you ask to respond. They are okay. They are nothing special photographically as you can judge by the response, you didn't receive 50 overwhelming responses that filled the thread with WOW! Silence is a vote too "When you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything", and in fact in reality you got a mixed response (which you didn't like) - "Nice pictures, but nothing that stands out from other competent photographers' works." Which tells you, they are okay, mediocre, appealing to some, not to others, that's middle of the road. That's mediocre by definition. Now go show them to your girlfriend and I'm sure you will get a WAY more positive response. She has an emotional connection to you and will filter her responses based on her relationship with you, strangers don't have this filter. Again - Responses to anything are self-censored by the group you ask to respond.

I have photos I particularly like that don't get those responses, and while I sometimes question whether they are any good or not based on that, I find myself enjoying revisiting them and spending time with them, so it doesn't matter to me if they are not popular or "sophisticated," it only matters to me that I enjoy them.

Of course. If you created them in order to elicit ohhs and ahhs from a specific audience and they didn't they are failures, if you created them for your own enjoyment and you enjoy them then they were successful. Again - Responses to anything are self-censored by the group you ask to respond. You were the group.

Now the OP of this thread stated exactly in his opening post exactly what makes him feel his photography is appreciated. There is no mystery if he simply reads his own post and simply directs his photography to the criteria he stated. He said he only feels successful if his work would be displayed in a gallery or would be paid for, yet will he actually work toward that goal? no.

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