Battery life with the K-3 mkIII... New record.

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Re: Battery life with the K-3 mkIII... New record.

3KK3 wrote:

Jon Schick wrote:

(1) new batteries need a few cycles of use and recharge before they reach optimum capacity

(2) are they original Pentax or high quality equivalent batteries as something sounds very wrong? Cheap off brand batteries may be more hit or miss

(3) are you using live view, which does eat through the batteries very quickly compared to the viewfinder?

(4) my experience using one Pentax and one Hahnel battery is that I’m getting several hundred shots out of each, but I don’t chimp every one.

(1) I have actually been thinging about that as a reason........ but I have charged those two batteries several times more than "few".

(2).... Bought the Black Premium Kit two original Pentax batteries in box.

(3) Have never used live view

(4) Don't know the meaning of "chimp" have tryed to translate it into swedish but web translator always says chimpanzee but in swedish.


Well, your camera came with the original Pentax battery, didn't it. So, make another experiment. Fully charge the battery and test it using just the OVF. The LCD will turn on for 3 sec (default time) immediately after you take a picture, but that's within the "normal" LCD use. If you don't get at least 80% of the number of pictures according to what Pentax specifies, return it because It is faulty!

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