Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Re: Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

MarshallA wrote:

Mike Fewster wrote:

MarshallA wrote:

Mike Fewster wrote:

and it is starting to cost Sony. C'mon Sony, fix this.

I agree with you about the focus bracketing but honestly its hard to take this video seriously. As much as I love Chris and Jordan's stuff, they went out of their way to mention how much better the Z7II is at time lapse than the Sony and that is soooo wrong. I commented on the video when it came out but probably not a lot of viewers saw it.

One of the reasons I'm transitioning to Sony from Nikon is due to Nikons crappy time lapse implementation.

If anyone is curious, here is my comment on the video explaining why I dislike the Nikon for time lapse:

"Wow, I love you guys, but I'm skeptical now after watching this. I shoot a lot of time lapse and I've found my Z7 terrible. Unless they changed a lot on the Z7II, and I haven't heard that they've made any of these changes, then I'd never recommend it over the Sony for time lapse.

First, the aperture flicker is terrible on both my 14-30 f/4 and the 24-70 f/4, both lenses I thought would be awesome for time lapse (small, light, and sharp!). Next, the Nikon turns off the screen and EVF during time lapse so there is no way to monitor the exposure in case you want to know if you need to change it during a dynamic light situation (think sunset and the holy grail approach). Lastly, the Nikon only has 2 command dials, so when trying to adjust ISO during a sunset time lapse, you have to hold a button and spin a dial, increasing the chance of camera movement.

Everything but the flicker is solvable with external tools for the most part, and LRTimelapse helps with the flicker (although this type of flicker can be a bit harder to remove than regular flicker). I bought a Sony A7III to flirt with Sony and none of these problems exist. The time lapse experience is far better overall. The only negative is not having the 14-30 f/4, which is fantastic for being able to use filters at 14mm, which I do a lot during time lapse. So now I just use the Sony for all of my time lapses and only use my Z7 for regular landscape, which it is excellent at as you said.

I hope you guys or someone else will reply and say Nikon magically fixed these things on the Z7II and I just somehow missed that, but I'm guessing nobody will."

Point taken. As I said in a previous post in this thread, I wasn't getting into a debate about the video and its conclusions overall. I'm just making the point that this curious omission from Sony is starting to be picked up on. When reviews of the later model Sony's have come out, there was no discussion of the lack of focus bracketing. Some of us have pointed this out for a while. Some have bought elsewhere. The point simply is that the omission is becoming noticed. And the frustrating thing is that as far as I can see, it really should be quite a simple fix that can be made in a software update. The new twin Bionz processor models should easily be able to handle the computation side and the existing Sony focus should be able to do the rest.

Thanks Mike, actually, when I saw this post was about the new video, that I had seen and been disappointed in, I rushed to reply without having read the rest of the thread. I regret doing that now because after now fully reading the thread I realize my post sticks out like a sore thumb since this thread is about the omission of the focus bracketing feature, and not the video itself. Sorry to derail the thread on that.

When it comes to the focus bracketing being missing, I've always found it baffling but since I don't use that feature on my Z7 it has been low on my priority list. Since starting to switch to Sony I've noticed 3 strange gaps in their feature set, this lack of focus bracketing, the lack of small raw, and lack of lossless compressed raw. All of these I can live with considering the other benefits I'm getting. I have an A7r IVa on the way to me now and I'm very excited about it.

for whatever reason, small raw went away with most mirrorless

at least what I've noticed from the mirrorless I've owned, panny, canon, sony.  nikon might be the exception rather than the rule.

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