D850 Replacement or end of the DSLR line for Nikon?

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Re: D850 still on sale from Nikon

mais51 wrote:

yray wrote:

The irony isn’t lost on me that the D7xx line was actually started with the D700, which is the most direct ancestor of the D8xx line. But hey, who remembers that now.

It is still the direct descendant from the low pixel count D700.

The D850 is the directly related to the D800 which is one class higher than the D700

Isn't like this?:

D700 - D800/e - D810 - D850

D600 - D610 - D750

After all there isn't a huge deal that separates the D6*0 and D750, and wasn't the way of Nikon selling 24mp FF cameras without the stigma of the oil contamination issue - call it a different name and people will think it's a different camera.

D750 had more in common with D600/610 while the D800/e replaced the D700 in the range as well as the D3x.

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