M6 mark2 or eos rp

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Mark B.
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Re: M6 mark2 or eos rp

Max5150 wrote:

The whole point of the M6mkii is bulk reduction and thats why I stick with the EF-M lenses. Its a nice walkaround family birthday/BBQ by the pool kit. Tye pictures are sharp and I can crop. I have an R5. Its a boat anchor with the lenses. I use it for sports and weddings. Otherwise, it sits on the shelf. Its all about the lenses. If you're gonna put super sharp fast apsc lenses or adapt EF lenses to the M6mkii, you might as well just get a FF camera.

The OP didn't mention anything about bulk reduction, but did mention ergonomics (well actually it was "egomaniacs" but I know it wasn't a post about narcissists).  The 2 cams mentioned are very different in how they operate & how they feel, thus my recommendation to handle them if possible (if not already done).

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