What is easiest way to partition / multi-boot

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Re: What is easiest way to partition / multi-boot

I think this should do it:

  1. Install Windows XP. During setup tell it to only use a small portion of the drive.
  2. Install Windows 10. During setup make a partition for it that doesn't use all of the remaining space. Don't upgrade the Windows Xp, install new to different partition.
  3. Install Linux using the remaining free space on drive. Most modern distros will detect the other installs and add them to its bootloader for selection. You could also skip this step and install Linux as a virtual machine running on top of windows using free Oracle Virtual Box. This is ideal if you want to try out multiple distros. You can also run Linux from a USB drive no problem.

If this was a desktop, the easiest way is a hot swap hard drive caddy or Sata dock.

Keep in mind that since all of these are on the same computer, getting malware on XP could affect Windows 10. So make sure to set Windows XP to never connect to the internet or network. If it were me, I'd buy a second POS $100 computer that I only use with the scanner and it never connects to the internet or has any data on it. Scan to a thumb drive and move them to your main computer for editing.

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