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Re: Is this the newInoculation?

JahnG wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

Smaug01 wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

Did I miss something? Who's "mark25?"

I think it's because he had a ton of posts in that thread, so when I moved it over here from Open Talk, he suddenly became our most prolific poster.

You are acquainted with that old theory of back to the future yields unforeseen ramifications? Well, me thinks you're ready for prime time . (Click at ur own risk.). That, or you just discovered how to cover up a viral thread. Wow! that many hits in one day.

If you moved the "Sony mini-challenge," over here, I wonder what would happen, besides that you'd have . . . never mind.

If you click into the thread, you'll see the post where I said I moved it. I had done it a couple hours prior.

Me thinks you planned a fancy hoax, to motivate the "Challenge Discussion" forum, seeing as how on account of because they've done, run out of ideas.

That's my "just saying" grimace.

No problem with the move IMHO.

Sure, some threads are of low or no interest and at least I skip those threads that do not interest me You might possibly do the same?



Look, Member Jahn, I was about to pick the forum which interests me second best, which is very close to my first love, but, don't tell them that.

If the regulars in this forum would like, the "newThread," still has room for . . . about forty more posts, what say you we go in, and pick up any stray sub-thread and respond to it.  Maybe one of those members will opt for staying on in this forum.  Maybe, just maybe, we'll top Sony talk's ability to generate, sometimes three, independent iterations of the same thread; part 1, 2, & 3.

What I've just done, Jahn, is relegated myself to reading at least one of those posts, and I really didn't want to do that.  Anyway, here goes nothing. 

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