Nikon F4 and one AF point issues - any tips and tricks?

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Re: Nikon F4 and one AF point issues - any tips and tricks?

Hi there!

Thank you for your questions

I believe, you are right.

The camera is focusing better on a point where the light is better. Smtms I think that it is slightly focusing to the infinity direction. This is what I can see right now in my viewfinder.. but ,and it worth mentioning, yesterday I realized that I have the dioptric correction broken..

I do not have any eyes issues but maybe my eyes lie to me because the correction is broken. There is no blur. But I think that it might have some impact on what I see in a viewfinder and what the focus confirmation gives me back.

I was not really familiar with 1 point AF before this Nikon. I got f65 previously. But is it always like this for 1 point AF cameras? They do need really good contrast in order to focus?

Besides that, I had really good examples from this camera and the focus is on its place. I was just confused that it focused so badly on some low contrast objects

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