Possible to use 40mm with Nikon z5/z6 and ES-2 Film Digitizer?

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better use 40mm with Nikon D7100 or D7200 .

GillMan wrote:


Presently I have a Nikon D90 and the ES-1 film digitizer. I've used this with the AF-S Micro 40mm 2.8G lens to digitize numerous slides, though I still have much more I'd like to digitize.

At this point, I'd really like to go full-frame, so will likely be upgrading to a Nikon Z5 or Z6ii sometime soon, and will also likely get the ES-2 film digitizer. I really don't want dish out the cash for a 60mm lens, which I know is what you would typically use with full-frame for this purpose. Is there any way I could use my existing 40mm lens and still get the extra resolution provided by the Z5/6 sensor?


DX crop mode of the Z7 gives you 20 Mpix.

The Z5/Z6 DX crop gives you slightly less Mpix than your D90 with 12 Mpix.

12 Mpix is pretty OK for most slides, it already begins to show  the "grain" limitations of BW film and slides.

For the price of the FTZ adapter you may get a D7100 on Ebay.  As an AA-less 24 Mpix camera it challenges the resolution that you might get with the Z7. It should beat the 24 Mpix micro contrast  that you may get with 24 Mpix FX camera like Z5 Z6 D750 D780 and FX optic, becuase all use an AA-filter, which lowers micro contrast in order to diminish risk of moire. -- I have not heard of moire issues in slide reproduction. In any case you can reduce micro-contrast for slide reproduction by stopping down to f/11 or more.

The higher resolution should be really good enough for all color slide films and most BW films, except uncommon ultra high resolution films. 20-24 Mpix  with decent optics like the 40mm lens is comparable to the best scanners. The elusive drum scanners mainly control mechanically that the film does not bend out of focus. You could consider focus stacking for badly bent slides that are worth a lot of extra effort.

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