Bigger sensor verses better quality lens

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Re: History of Olympus imaging division told

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If M43 is tiny what is 1/2.3?

1/2.3" sensor is extremely tiny, worst IQ than mid-range smartphone. In addition, some mid-range smartphone (e.g. Huawei P30) cheaper, larger sensor, better IQ than 1/2.3" sensor P&S.

But, current market never release 1/2.3" sensor camera with huge body (like 997g Olympus OM-D E-M1X) & pricey "Pro" lens.

I don't think you got my point. M43 is generally referred to as a larger sensor so calling it tiny goes against common usage.

But then the only people who ever refer to the Four Thirds sensor as 'tiny' are mFT fans raising a straw man in the interests of having a paranoid rant.

The straw man argument!  I missed it, glad you pointed it out.

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