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AdamT wrote:

DISCLAIMER these are my findings after owning Nikon D7200s, D7100s etc (I still shoot Nikon FF for work) and have had various M43 Bodies inc EM1-II and the G9 I have now - I use Capture One RAW, never JPG ... YMMV as always depending on glass, raw converter etc...

from my usage The D7200 definitely has better high ISO performance and quite a bit more RAW DR than any of the M43 bodies (Panasonic G9 and Oly Em1-II/III/X being the best) - above ISO1600 is where you`ll need more NR in the M43 cams , up to 800 I`d not bother worrying about the difference .. the pan G9 has ISO100 which although marked as Extended , actually isn`t and is a true ISO which can be used as base for maxxing shadow pulling and nice clean skies ..

as for DR I find M43 has enough - you can`t pull quite the same shadow tricks you can with a D7200 let alone the HDR from one RAW trick the FF D850 pulls off but it has more than a FF Canon 1DS Mk3, a camera I shot countless weddings with without issues . Similar resolution too .


So the answer is, from my experience (plenty with both the D7200 and 20Mp M43 cameras) that the D7200 will have a bit more of everything - Dr, High iSO cleanness, lower noise floor, megapixels - but the difference isn`t night and day -

Remember that its not just the Body , its the System ......

remember that Optically M43 lenses tend to be better across the board than in native Nikon DX so you can get an Olympus 12-40 F2.8 which is bang on everywhere wideopen whereas with a D7200 you`ll need to stop any of the F2.8 zooms to F5.6 to even get close (yeah I`ve had the Sig and Tam 17-50s and Nikons 17-55 F2.8s, the Oly 12-40 eats them alive) .. decent lenses are cheaper, panansonic kit lenses are amazing for instance as is the 14-140-II Megazoom - there are loads of bargain primes for peanuts and the system is LIGHT - you`ll only catch me lugging the work rig if i`m being PAID .

I agree... yet the experts on here will tell us how a plastic fantastic Canon EF 50mm f1.8 on FF will "eat alive", even wide open, any m43 combo. Is it a FF vs DX thing that makes this a fact over m43.

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