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Ellis Vener wrote:

ms18 wrote:

Because they are his or her property and the seller sets the price. If the buyer is willing to meet that price then they can make the deal.

That is the way a marketplace works.

It is business 101.

Ok. in this case what the point of keeping the RAW files for ourselves wasting our storage. Now i feel like we are doing a service (keeping their original) without them even paying the rent for it.

Let's return to the business 101 classroom.

I recommend keeping raw files for the following reasons:

  • Photography is a service industry. Clients lose files or lose access to them. In the past years I have had three year different clients get back to me (after five years in one case , ten in another, and two years in the third ) asking if I still had the originals and if I did could make a new set of deliverables?. I said yes and charged for the service the service. They were happy to pay.


  • For that reason it helps to have the raw files to generate images to promote the business on its website, promotional materials, for competitions, and exhibits.

I think it's wrong to use client images for our promotion or competition without their permission. Because they are in the picture. We are the owner of the image but they are in the picture. Just my thoughts. If we are to use they have the right to charge us as they are models

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