Is new software better?

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Re: Is new software better?

Sagittarius wrote:

brucet wrote:

I wonder with all the new software is it actually 'better' or is just making decisions that we should/could have made with older software? Is it just a big 'preset' that we could have done ourselves?

I use Topaz DeNoise 6. Still!! And with a bit of effort I can replicate what some of these newer programs achieve. So should I be upgrading or stick with the learning curve that I've gone through?

Yes I accept that some new software has done some things that we could never do. But in general do you upgrade or stick with what you have?

Of course new software is better (usually), new PS is better than old one, new LR is better than old one. Why? because they allow you to achieve better results with less effort and quicker.

That's not always the case. A big part of how 'good' a program is is the performance and stability, and it's not unusual for this to get worse when you upgrade. For me, all of the 2021 versions of Adobe applications are worse than the 2019 versions in terms of performance and stability, and introduced bugs that weren't there before.

In LR, for example, scrolling through thumbnails is now extremely laggy whereas before it was smooth. Same with panning around images in PS. I also get preview issues in LR where images are shown as lower resolution in loupe view. Premiere introduced a playback lag. All take longer to start up. All crash more frequently. None of them introduced features which make any significant difference to me. The only reason I upgraded was because my job requires me to be working with newer versions.

New functionality can of course be useful, but unfortunately it's often added without much concern for the effect on performance - the philosophy being that hardware upgrades will take care of it. If you don't upgrade your hardware, then it's hard luck.

If your software does everything you need it to, and still works on your system, then often it's better to stick with it.

Whether you need it or not is for you to decide. It is like with cars. My previous Toyota Camry which I've driven for 10 years had 22 MPG of fuel in the City. My new Toyota Camry has almost 30 MPG. Is it better? Of course.

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