How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

photonut2008 wrote:

In the end I think the whole idea of photography is to please ones self or whomever you intend to see the photo. However, I don't think that photography practiced well is so esoteric that most people just don't get it and are only interested in snapshots of their family and friends.

The untrained eye can only judge on the level of sophistication it is currently at. It is no different than the taste bud, a 3 star Michelin meal can be lost on the majority of people just as a well-aged Bordeau will be. As the viewer grows in experience by educating themselves in the field of the arts gaining a background of imagery and understanding they can appreciate art in a more discerning way, this is the same in every disciple of life.

As for DPR, the site seems jaundiced to me. I see a surprising amount of praise of mediocre photos and indifference towards what I consider good ones (and not just mine). It might just be an aesthetic difference and it's just my uninformed eyes, and often I think the better photos tend to percolate to the top and the lesser ones to the bottom, but in-between those extremes I see a lot of inconsistency bordering on the absurd.

See the paragraph I wrote above. The vast majority of the audience here fits into a vastly older demographic, they are skewered to gear and technology not artistic sophistication. The reactions are going to be more akin to critiquing based on technical criteria rather than esthetics and the level of understanding and the information to draw from mentally is more technical than artistic.

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