Mounting a DSLR on top of another.

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Re: Mounting a DSLR on top of another.

WongRQ wrote:

Mika Y. wrote:

WongRQ wrote:

Hi everyone,

MultiCam productions are useful in case you want to jump between them each cut but they require you to carry another tripod around so why not just have an articulating arm on top of the hot shoe and mount another DSLR on the other end (use adapters if needed)

Is it dangerous though? Will the camera just break into pieces after long hours or are they tough enough?

I doubt any consumer camera products have hot shoes that are engineered for the kind of stresses using this kind of set up would create. So my guess it that it might work temporarily, but sooner or later the hot shoe would break or bend enough to no longer work reliably.

I don’t mean hanging the camera. It’s camera, hot shoe side on top, 3/8” -16 gets directed to a head and another camera gets attached below

I wouldn't attach anything heavier than an external shoe-mount flash to the hotshoe.  Anything else is a repair bill.

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