FTZ adapters other than Nikon's?

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Re: FTZ adapters other than Nikon's?

> Nu-uh. You get no EXIF data without the FTZ.

I've adapted old Mamiya 645 lenses to my Z7II, and the "non-CPU lens"parameters I set in the camera are written in the EXIF data.

Of course, not the actual aperture setting (as that can't be detected by the camera) and only an approximation of focal lenght, as some of the Mamiya lenses have focal lenghts Nikon never produced (150mm or 210mm), but the nearest value I can choose for the "non-CPU lens" parameter gets written to the EXIF data.

Here's an excerpt created with ExifTool on the original NEF files:

Camera Model Name : NIKON Z 7_2
Creator Tool : NIKON Z 7_2 Ver.01.20
F Number : 4.0
Focal Length : 200.0 mm
Focal Length In 35mm Format : 200 mm
Lens Info : 0mm f/?
Lens Make :
Lens Model :
Lens Serial Number :
Aperture : 4.0
Lens Spec : 0mm f/0 MF

(This is for a 210mm f4 lens I had to enter as a 200mm f4 lens)

Well, not all values are populated, "lens info" and "lens spec" aren't. This I'd consider a firmware bug for the Z7II.

Adobe Lightroom does show the focal length, the aperture and "lens spec" (in brackets). Maybe the software you're using relies on the "lens info" or "lens spec" fields alone?

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