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Re: Travel Tripod For Casual User

It’s kinda “meh” but for travel keeping weight down is priority so I use the Mefoto Backpacker. I have the carbon fiber model but I think it’s discontinued now. Anyway it only weighs 2.5 lbs w/ the included ball head. It’s a low end tripod for sure but it does the job. There are better travel tripods for sure but they are either several hundred $ or well over 3lb and for me every 1/2 not on my back matters. Its also very compact at 13” folded which means it’s not protruding out of my smaller backpacks.

Spec wise its no barnburner. It only goes to about 57” w/ center column extended - and you won’t want to do that if it’s windy or in a place w/ lots of ground vibration. So realistically it extends to the low 50”s. It can also be a bit fiddly opening. I once pulled too hard on a leg and it came out completely tossing the internal leg stops to parts unknown. I had to buy a replacement set for like $10 shipped. Mefoto wouldn’t send me a single out of goodwill. Ironically, Schlage sent me a new deadbolt when my painter ruined mine - I didn’t ask for a new one, they offered. I just wanted to find out how to clean it w/o ruining the finish.

Back to travel tripods, if I had money to burn or used my tripod more  then I’d look at the peak design carbon or the Leofoto travel tripod. For me the Mefoto fits the bill and if I lose it traveling I won’t shed any tears.

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