FTZ adapters other than Nikon's?

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Re: FTZ adapters other than Nikon's?

> That adapter is limited to a couple of cameras and not all lenses.

Well, the range of cameras a focusing FTZ adapter would have to care for isn't larger.

Nikon could definitively develop such an adapter, they don't have to reverse-engineer as 3rd-party adapter manufacturers would have to do. That's no rocket science, that's just some mechanics and some electronics, coupled with microcontroller programming. Given sufficient documentation on the lens protocols used, that would be a feat an embedded electronics engineer should be capable of.

The reasoning for not doing so might lie somewhere in between getting users to buy new glass and not disappointing users by their lenses' quality. Especially the high-res sensor of the Z7 shows flaws in lenses previously thought to be close to perfection, and these lenses were quite new designs. Older designs tend to perform less good, especially designs from analogue days, as then there was no need for the optical performance which is now necessary.

Back then, users were more tolerant for optical defects, because they very seldom saw them - who'd have printed a 135 image in the sizes "pixel peepers" obtain with having 100% display on a typical monitor? That's print sizes of 120x80 cm (or four by three feet).

So a screw driver AF adapter surely will work, but the results might be quite underwhelming.

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