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Miss tilly wrote:

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I should have been clearer, I was referring to the original of both models. Also appreciate your suggestion to think hard about the 1” sensor. Nice to hear from someone knowledgeable.

for now I am continuing with my G1X, it is the features of the G5X that got me thinking, the viewfinder in particular.

The viewfinder is decent, for a compact (both G5X Mark I and Mark II).

The image quality isn't bad as you're coming from a G1X Mark I. It's the Mark III which is hard to beat, but the Mark I and Mark II are more easily surpassed. In fact, the G5X Mark I or Mark II should "beat" your G1X Mark I, except in low light if you're taking your time with RAW noise reduction fine tuning. If not, the G5X's will "win" here too.

Really depends how much you want to spend. My 2 cents? Be careful of the AF speed on the G5X Mark I, DIGIC6 is a bit pokey. Now granted, you're already dealing with the G1X Mark I which is moreso, but, after you've shot a newer Canon, it's hard to look back. I don't think you can go wrong with either the G5X Mark I, Mark II, or G1X Mark III, which are logical successors for your G1X Mark I. Viewfinders on any of these are decent, but, they are EVFs... And, they are small, but that's the point so that the camera itself remains compact. Canon did a good job balancing the two (compactness and EVF quality) if you ask me.

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