Err message every 2 photos

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Re: Err message every 2 photos

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Hi everyone!

I've got a Nikon D7100 which suddenly started acting weird (took some photos which were not saved).

I noticed that there was an ERR message which disappeared after pressing the released button once(in all modes) . So I can take 1 shot and when I try to take a 2nd shot the err message appears again.

I tried cleaning the contact points of the lens, removed the battery for hours, tried another SD card and other stuff I found online but nothing seems to fix the ERR message every 2nd shot.

I guess the shutter is dying? (shutter count = 95630)

Thanks a lot in advance!

"ERR message" isn't helpful. There should be more detailed description on the screen or an error code. Then you can look the error code up.

"Err" is still very helpful.

Right so there's no detailed error codes.

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