K-3 III firmware "wishlist"

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Re: K-3 III firmware "wishlist"

Breakfastographer 2 wrote:

In a recent thread, firmware improvements were called for, and I honestly was missing constructive details of what people want.

How do you think the firmware could be improved? I encourage you, if I may, to be as specific as you can. I think this could lead to some fun and insightful exchanges.

Ok now I know what I would want in a firmware update : ability to customize button for "AF mode".

When predefined User AF settings are not enough, I like to press the "AF mode" button (located on left side, near lens mount) then quickly change AF settings (mode and active zone) with the front and rear dials. But when the 150-450 is attached, it's really uneasy for me to find and reach that button with my left thumb while having to support that heavy lens.

So I would really appreciate if I could just switch this button to the right side, with something I use less (like image settings on arrows pad that I never use).

I could add "AF zone" setting to the SFn, but it's not as fast as a dedicated button (I like to have this button as a sort of "emergency" setting, it's faster than choosing a different SFn, and I like to leave the SFn on User AF all the time).

I could also add different user modes with specific User AF settings (it's what I did in fact), but sometimes it's just easier to quickly scroll through all AF zone settings than to remember which user mode had the user AF mode you want.

Another thing that would be great: when you press "AF mode" button, you can temporarily change AF mode with rear dial, and AF zone with front dial. I would love if they could also make the e-dial change AF hold setting in this situation.

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