RX10 IV vs XT3+70-300x1.4x ... a toss?

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Re: RX10 IV vs XT3+70-300x1.4x ... a toss?

The RX10 is a great camera, but once you have used a manual lens is hard to go back to electric. I am planning at some point to try an em5 iii with a 12-100 (need to find them both at a good price used). For me the EM5 III is where m43 bodies should be. Small, light but durable, capable of the latest tech (CAF etc).

I`d suggest the EM1-II over the plastic EM5-III, same innards in a far better body with better ergonomics for same price or less ?, it`ll handle far better with the 12-100 than the EM5-3  - Mint condition barely used ones in dealers are one of Photography's greatest bargains.. the Pan G9 is something else handling wise but isn`t small .

Another thing about the RX10-3/4 is the lens mech would seem to be fragile gong by all the failure posts on the Sony forum, I just checked and I actually had my Mk3 nearly 2 years and used it for all my Fair-weather leisure shooting where DOF and speed weren`t needed so it got hammered - after finding the panasonic 14-140-II (I`d had the older version on the 16Mp Pan / Oly bodies in the past) was good enough , the RX lay idle so got moved on .. the feeble "Go flat in camera" FW50 batteries drove me nuts too , the Mk4 should have had the A9's FZ battery

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