What would happen if you tried to mount a M lens on a Eos camera?

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Re: What would happen if you tried to mount a M lens on a Eos camera?

Mark B. wrote:

Chuck6345 wrote:

No adapter that I know about.

Then that answers your question. You would need to fabricate a physical mount just to mate it to the camera. But unless you also know how to pass the electrical communication, there will be no AF or aperture control.

The problem is worse than just fabricating a physical adapter.  You'd have to put in optics to account for the difference in where the lens focuses.

A Canon EF-M lens focuses 18mm behind the lens mounting flange.  However, an EOS camera that uses EF (or EF-S) lenses has the sensor 44mm behind the lens flange.  So, unless you include special optics to move the EF-M focus point 26mm farther on, there is no way that an EF-M lens will work on an EF mount camera.

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