Wait for M11, New M10-R with 1 Lens, Used M10-P with 2 Lenses?

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Re: Wait for M11, New M10-R with 1 Lens, Used M10-P with 2 Lenses?

rhett_rick wrote:

goodbokeh wrote:

rick, I'm returning to the M system after many years. The decision I just took three weeks ago was ordering a M10-M "Leitz Wetzlar" edition from B&H.

how did you decide on the Monochrom vs the M10-R? I’ve never had a monchrome only camera setup; when I shot film in 35mm, medium and large format years ago I always had the option of color. It is both exciting and worrying to think about that option. Funding the Leica will require parting with my other camera gear and so I would be committing to a black and white only setup for the foreseeable future. Crazy or brilliant?

The Monochrom is not my only setup. It will be the camera for when I decide on a B&W theme and also a companion body for my Fuji 100S. Using Fuji cameras really woke me again to the fun and beauty of B&W. The M10-M both commits me to that vision when I'm out with it alone and it provides the very best overall image quality that an M can produce at this time.

If I were going with just one body though, I wouldn't turn my back on the color option. Mint 10Rs are showing up at the Fred Miranda Buy-Sell site now, here is an example:


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