Will DFA 100mm macro & HD DA 1.4x AW AF Converter work well together?

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Re: Will DFA 100mm macro & HD DA 1.4x AW AF Converter work well together?

xmeda wrote:

JeremieB wrote:

With K3III AF of this lens is quite fast and accurate though.

No matter what camera you use, the lens has very long focusing helicoid without limiter. And when camera misses it runs whole range which takes a lot of time. While with AF 1.7x TC you set the working distance and then it refocuses using the adaptor almost instantly because it does not leave the working distance pre-focus.

It also increases focal length to 170mm which is also nice as it gives you longer working distance in macro use.

Similar case is the DA55-300 with quite long focusing screw. But F5.8 lens needs good light to be used with 1.7xTC succesfully.

Also at 300 DoF is so thin, the TC AF does only small adjustment and in practice it's not that much easier than just MF. Even more difficult for moving subjects I would say, because it can be focusing and hunting against your own manual focusing and it gets confusing. Usually I use it only for x1.7 in this case.

On the other hand I had nice results with this combination:

Sig70-200, 1.7xAFTC, 2x Macro TC, extension tubes.. and yes the AF in live view on that K5 worked. Resulting working distance is roughly 30cm with 680mm equiv.

It is very sad that the 1.7x AF TC is no longer produced. It deserves some new version with better chip telling the correct lens info to camera.

Sure the 1.7x AF TC is a nice and unique tool ! (interesting combination that you show here).

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