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Re: Thank you

Roger wrote:

Thank you for the input. I believe I'll use what I have for the time being. I getting ready to go back on the road and I do have a SD1M that works fine, but I enjoy the SDQ-H mostly for the 1.3 crop. I'll use my SD15 for a second camera. I've postal taped the LCD's so they are fine, and if all else fails I carry a SA9 film camera load with slide film.

I use my gear hard, very hard, and I've over heated the SDQ-H a few times, even to the point where it's shut off. I over heated it even in a snow storm one time. So trying to document a killer heat wave gets rough on gear.

*My SD1 works fine with fixed focal length lens but not zooms so it doesn't get used that much. I hold out for the FFF do out this year.

I like the idea of a Panasonic.

Take care

Roger J.

* I still have the Sigma 85mm, f/1.4 (Non-ART) Prime available...

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