IBIS, claims versus reality

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Re: I always did...

By normal I mean the range we see between people who are not afflicted by some medical condition or extreme age (young or old) or people with low strength trying to manage a very heavy camera.

And I’m talking about movement amplitude and impulses that don’t push the IBIS or OS to the limits of it’s mechanical range in the various axes. Obviously if the IS is hitting its end stops we don’t get much use from it

So basically the meaningful measurements need to be made within the operational envelope of the system, otherwise we are taking about something else entirely.

The  value of a standardised and automated mechanical apparatus is that it removes the biological factors affecting stabilisation measurements and gives us a base from which we ought to be able to make useful comparisons between cameras.

The parameters of a test or measurement need to be examined and considered and agreed upon before the test. No point arguing about the results when the test was not clearly understood before hand.

And once in the hands of the biological users, individual and personal ‘mileages ’ will vary


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