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JakeJY wrote:

Messier Object wrote:

whatever degree of normal unsteadiness the user has will affect their upper shutter speed limit (IS off) as well as their lower limit (IS on). So unless we’re talking about a passenger in an off-road rally car using a 300mm lens the normal user steadiness factor should not afffect the results that much. The delta shutter speed is what’s important.

What relative unsteadiness does do is show a difference between how low Mr Steady can go with IS switched on compared to Mr Shakes. But both should see about the same degree (stops) of advantage when they switch their IS on.


Except the problem is what is being compared in most unofficial comparisons (also true of the one posted by OP) is the reciprocal rule vs IS. These comparisons are not comparing the difference between IS off and IS on (unlike CIPA). Thus someone with more unsteadiness will definitely affect the results significantly as the difference between reciprocal rule and IS off will vary.

Which is why those unofficial comparisons  are not very useful and definitely not worth argument.


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