Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Re: Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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This is just one of those persistent Sony blind spots.

Seems like Sony has prioritized auto focus tech and over all handling speed for now. Areas where Sony is at the forefront.

One possible explanation is they may have to focus on tech they can market (outside photo). AF, especially scene recognition is instrumental in many applications, robotics, surveillance, etc. Focus stacking? I don't think they'd sell that. So it may not interest them and for large clients, they have the tether/API.

This would explain why some low hanging fruits get little attention, at least to me.

Letting the competition frog leap in some areas is healthy. That way the playing field is even and the market thrive. Having one single dominant leader in a market reduce competition and innovation, and drive price. So I guess it is good as it is.

When customer pressure increase then we get focus stacking and other goodies. But that is not down to the tech guys, the marketing guys always have the final word.

Judging by other blind spots like touch LCDs we can expect focus bracketing in 2027 with in-camera focus stacking in 2032. Meanwhile other brands will have added temporal bracketing by sending the camera backwards and forwards in time to grab the same scene every hour between sunrise and sunset instantly.

By 2032 Sony cameras will be highly sought after by photographers who want to return to the good old days when what did matter was exposure (aperture and exposure time) and focus (even manual). That's it. That is how great photographers created masterpieces.

And the creative ones always find ways to solve problems. Problem solving requires inguenity and effort but boost creativity and that is rewarding and fun!

it could be that many premium sony lenses have heavy focus breathing, and stacking would reveal those problems.

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