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Re: Wonderful photo! However...

Lasse Eisele wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Lasse Eisele wrote:

Hi there!

I haven't posted here for quite some time. Just wanted to share an image from my latest hike in the Kebnekaise area in Swedish Lapland.

It was a terrible hike for the most part, much too hot and boring blue skies all the time. Until the very last afternoon when some clouds turned up and brought a decent light.

The flowers are mountain avens, Dryas octopetala. 14 focus bracketed images, handheld.

By the way, I don't know of any current full frame camera that would let me take this picture.

...why do you think that no FF camera has focus bracketing? Even the lowly Canon RP has focus bracketing.

I was obviously wrong and I'm sorry for spreading misinformation.

Not necessarily "obviously wrong" -- I presumed that you were saying it's impossible for any FF camera because of focus bracketing.  If there were another feature besides focus stacking that made it impossible, I'd have been pleased to learn it.

However, the FF cameras that are most interesting to me, personally, either don't have focus bracketing or have a poor implementation that can't be used for handheld work.

Fair to say.  My understanding is that the Panasonic S1 has the best implementation of focus stacking for a FF camera.


In any case, again, let me say, "Wonderful photo!"  Cheers!

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