Arctic beauty

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Re: I doubt it.

Gary from Seattle wrote:

G1Houston wrote:

Lasse Eisele wrote:

Well, Sony cameras can't do focus bracketing at all. The same goes for Canon, as far as I know. Nikon Z cameras can do it, but the implementation is poor and it is near impossible to do handheld bracketing (I was on a steep hillside with the camera at ground level – no way to set up a tripod).

But I was probably wrong anyway. It seems like the Panasonic L-mount cameras can do it.

It just requires proper knowledge of DOF and framing.

Dryas are very small flowers just a couple-three inches above the ground. Doubt you could obtain anything approaching DOF with a single shot.

Let's just say that focus stacking is far and away the better path to get a photo as good as the OP's photo.

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