Manual focusing with Z lenses

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Re: Manual focusing with Z lenses

Yes. I fully understood your concern and question. Although, I was probably not clear either that that was what I was addressing. It's certainly true that a fly by wire system has a certain amount of delay of response, based on the speed and amount of movement of the focus ring.

Like I tried to convey, the Sony RX10 IV has far more of an issue in this regard. I have learned to adapt and don't have much of a problem with manual focus on that camera. After using it, switching to my Z7 II makes the Z feel like a mechanically linked lens. The Z camera, with any of the native Z mount lenses that I have used feels extremely responsive. But, there is that tiny bit of hesitation that tells you it's not a gear driven mechanism.

Maybe it's because of my experience and frequent usage of the Sony that makes the Z system seem so usable without a complaint. I still have several F-mount lenses that I use with FTZ adapters. I switch back and forth between those and native lenses and rarely even notice the difference. I know the difference is there, but I have to pay special attention for it to matter. It's just not an annoying problem.

In all honesty, the Z AF system is so good that I don't find myself having to manually focus very often. I hate rumors, but if the rumors of a major advance in AF in a couple of months are true, the need to manually focus may be even further reduced. We'll see about that.

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