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Re: The side hinged rear LCD debacle

I find this discussion interesting.  Not so much for the side hinge debate, but for the things that end up being "make or break" for people deciding to buy a camera or not.

Hinging, for me, is neither here nor there.  I have a couple of things that matter so much more for me in terms of being able to use the camera, that what kind of rear articulation it has falls to way lower on the list, and, in fact, would not rule out a camera that got everything else before it on my "needs" list right.

Indeed, I definitely prefer the tilt-out screen to an FAS.  My A7, GX9, and something else I have used in past all had the tilt out, and I noticeably preferred that when using those bodies.  I found I used the screen more, actually, than I would on FAS bodies (which I used the EVF more on, instead).  However, a MUCH bigger deal to me is having an EVF that I am comfortable with.  Doesn't have to be gigantic, just needs to not give me a headache and not have coke-bottle-bottom optics in front of it (the GH3 was a prime example of that, and I had one for a VERY short time because of it).  Similarly, I never bought a GX85 because of the EVF optical distortions.  The GX9, at least the one I have, does not have that issue.  It still has a smaller EVF screen, but I can deal with that since the lens in front of it is undistorted.

So, for me, first, if a camera is in the weight range I am comfortable with, and has a grip I can get my hand around, I can go further with considering it.  If not, no matter what else is going for it, it's not going to work for me, so it goes off the list.

Then, I look at the other ergos...do the EVF and rear screen give me a headache, or are they fine (oddly enough this is so variable....I never know until I work with the camera for a half hour or so).

After that, the big thing is: Does it get AWB "right", and how is its native color output.  Much like each film manufacturer, back in the day, had a color signature to their products, each camera manufacturer has distinct color preferences that they impart to their native profiles, and it can be a beast to correct them in PP, if you don't care for them.  I learned the hard way that whatever Sony is doing in their color science, it does not work for what I shoot, and I would be best served by not using their cameras.  Similarly, Nikon's output is closer to what I prefer, and Canon's tends to be warmer than I like; not bad, just not what I prefer to work with.  The Panasonic colors, in the S5, are absolutely just right; they match what I am seeing around me, and when they are not just right, I find them easy to correct.

I think it would be interesting to have people make an algorithm or flow chart of their preferences, in order of importance, in their camera buying decisions, and to compare them.  I wonder where the screen type would come in after tallying all of them up?


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