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I saw this on another forum. PhotoMagazin has done a cross-brand IBIS test of combined IBIS/OIS. I haven't got the actual article (maybe one of our German friends has access) so I don't know what is their test methodology, and it's unlikely to be the same as CIPA. The Olympus E-M1 III does pretty well, about as good as the Canon R5 (even though it claims eight stops) and better than Sony or Fujifilm. They haven't tested an mFT Pansonic, but the S1H is about as good as the E-M1 III. Neither makes it to the claimed seven stops - about five is as far as they go.

I think the lesson is, both have good IBIS but take the claims with a pinch of salt.

Generally speaking for Olympus, the actual use seems to fall with decent repeatability about 1-1.5 stops less than the claim.

Their claim has been for Synch IS with the 12-100mm F4 at 100mm.

I have not yet seen any systematic testing by anybody refuting the Olympus figures - can you point me to test results ?

For Panasonic models not G9, the smaller ones- about 2-3 stops less than the claim, adding back 0.5-1 stops with dual IS.

That said, I have been surprised the EP7/EM10MKIV seem to be about 0.5-0.75 stops less than the claim.


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