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James O'Neill wrote:

I posted some racing car shots a few days ago, shot with the 18-250 on a K5-iiS, they prove that I can get an acceptable number (to me) of acceptable quality (to me) shots of F1 cars, at the corners I shot from, with my way of shooting. Generalizing from a test result can produce a nonsense I have not "proved" that everyone can get good enough shots (for them) with their way of shooting their chosen content, using that lens (which isn't the best for the task) on an 8 year old camera. Likewise one can't extrapolate that a camera/lens that fails in another test will fail in real world scenarios.

James, I think (to me) this paragraph hits the nail on the head. Pentax DSLRs are so customisable that anyone with the patience to do so can figure out how to get it to do what he / she (the photographer) wants it to do, within the limitations of reason, technology and lens combination. All I know is that my cameras can do more technically than I can as a photographer anyway.

The other thing is that I don't expect the camera to know the subject matter of what I am photographing. In motor sports I presume that you know how to time your shutter press, framing and focus point based on knowledge of what a driver is likely to do on a particular bend, straight or when attempting to pass another car?

If a leopard I am watching stalk an impala is going to break cover it is up to me not the camera to figure out, when, what path it is likely to streak along (eg. which of say 3 impala it is likely to target), then position and pre-focus the lens accordingly. Sometimes I get it right, mostly not. But that is not the fault of Pentax.

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