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Re: The lcd hinge - a personal explanation

Off The Mark wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

I don’t ever “do video”.

I know you don't.

But just to put additional emphasis on your point (as someone who does "do video"), the fully articulating screen is only really helpful in LIMITED instances as far as I can think of, such as shooting a vlog / selfie (not something one would really want to do with an S1-series of cameras anyway), or when on a motorized gimbal (as the roll motor could block view of a tilting screen) and again, due to the weight and size of the S1, not something one would really want to do (don't ask me how I know), and I guess if you were going to be holding the camera overhead and needed the screen to face down further than the screen on the S1 / S1R can tilt downward.

As someone who shoots video for a living and regularly conducts interviews, a fully articulating screen is essential. Even the S1's solution of having the screen tilt to the right won't help if you have the place the camera on the right of the subject. Many times, I don't have the luxury of repositioning a subject or camera in a different spot, I have to go with what is available. Secondly, it's useful to have the subject positioned on the left or right of the image to give visual variety across multiple interviews.

While I could use an external monitor, that adds what is often unnecessary and cumbersome weight, extra batteries and cables, etc. This is one reason why I chose the S5 over the S1, another being the huge price jump to the S1H.

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