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Just want to point out the problem of owning this great lens set is that every time you set out for a photo shoot you have to make a difficult decision about which subset of lenses to bring along-- this can be an endless process.

Personally I don't view this as a problem. I have a large number of lenses, and to me it's part of the fun to consider which lens(es) I will take along for a particular outing. I like having enough options to think about my planned subject and select the one, two, or perhaps more lenses that I will take. That's part of the process, and I don't have to make compromises.

As an example, this evening but before sunset my wife and I will be going with some friends to visit the grave of a recently departed friend. I'm told that it is a beautiful setting near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I may want to take some shots of the setting and the grave, and perhaps some group shots of those who go. I plan to take just my G9 and the 8-18. I may want the ultra-wide focal length, and I don't think I'll need the extra reach that my 12-35 or 12-100 could provide.

Now, if I'm going on an extended, out-of-town trip where I might encounter a broad range of subjects, that does require a bit more thought, and I would take more lenses but I still don't see it as a problem. YMMV.

It is not a problem

There are 4 lines

Nocticron 1.2 you know when you wan to use it is unique

Summilux: 1.7 lenses for most you use them when you lack light

Elmarit 2.8-4 lenses those are for outdoors o macro

Elmar 4-6.3 this is the 100-400mm you use it for small wildlife

The issue which lens i am taking is more for the 3 summilux primes vs the 10-25mm.

Murphy's Law (adapted for photography)... "The lens you should have brought is at home".

Seriously though, this only happens when you don't know what to expect when out shooting... which is often the case if you simply go out for some shutter therapy. To minimise this risk, I will take the lightest kit that covers all focal lengths, as for me, focal length is the most important. But then I end up thinking, "This shot at 25mm with my 12-100mm f4 zoom would have been so much better if shot at f1.2 with my 25mm Pro!"

If I say am shooting an indoor night stage show, my slowest lens will be the 10-25mm f1.7... plus a few faster primes. Easy choices in this case.

Sometimes, if just doing a random walkabout shoot, I just take a few fast primes covering fisheye to 75mm and "make it work". This can be quite stimulating as you end up doing more footwork as zooming from one position is not an option, and in that process, discover more angles that work better anyways.

One thing about m43 is that it makes carrying a very wide focal range of nice lenses quite feasible. For example, an 8mm FE, 8-18, 12-100/ or lighter 14-140, 100-400, 60 macro and a few f1.7/8 primes is quite feasible.

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