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Re: The side hinged rear LCD debacle

reinhard becker wrote:

david8732 wrote:


Plus it’s getting to the point now where when I see the introduction of a new camera the very first thing I look at is the rear LCD mechanism. If it’s a side hinged selfie screen I completely blank that camera, it’s dead to me.

Like Tom said, what 40% of the customers should be upset?

when I decided to enter fullframe again last year I also took a look to Nikon and Sony. I had Canon in the past, but could now decide free.

With Nikon and Sony there where only the typical one way tliters, so these 2 systems where sorted out at once! Canon was fine and Panasonic offered the double way tilt (s5 was not announced at that time). So I decided for Panasonic because of price (S1R was only half the price of the R5) and the availability of new Sigma lenses for mirrorless.

If Panasonic had not offered the special 2 way tilt I had made my decision for Canon. Just because of the display…

I vote for the other 40%… 😇

Delicious - either way the manufacturers risk the ire of 40% of the camera market and just hope that they can win the recalcitrant around because there is no other choice.

Those 20% that don’t  care about the type of hinge don’t figure in the marketing decision.

At least Panasonic offer some choice.   But I would hope that they understand that the S5 popularity is more to do with price and compact size  and not because they have won over the other 40%

They all have to realise that when it gets to the stage that all camera bodies are pretty good it gets to the stage where the type of lcd screen hinge becomes the defining point of buying or not buying and choosing something else with a lcd hinge that attracts.

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